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Gone tropo:
This is the tropical fruit forum and the Durian is undisputed KING, i see very little discussion on Durian and much discussion on mangoes (2nd rate fruit).  Who are growing durians out there? What is your favourite?  Are kampung Durian worth growing to you or will you only grow clones?  How difficult are Durian to grow in your area?

We have great trouble accessing clones here, my observations with seedlings is that they are very very easy to get started and appear quite hardy to me.

Mike T:
A big part of that is because only a small proportion of members live in places where durian can grow. Mangoes on the other hand grow in much cooler areas at higher latitudes well outside the tropics and a high proportion of members can grow mangoes. Mango fatigue is something a few other tropical members have commented on also.

Gone tropo:
Hi Mike yeh i realise most of the members are from south florida so Im kinda giving the yanks a bit of a ribbing about the mangoes (although they are 2nd rate compared to durian!!!)  Maybe we need an ultra tropical sub section.  I reckon peter salleras could get red prawn to fruit in florida though.

Mike T:
Florida might not have many areas with the right soils, warm enough winters and high rainfall and heavy persistent humidity that durians like. I think there are only a few possibilities for more cold tolerant varieties and species worthy of a trial and these have been discussed in past threads.

According to youtube video comments Jackfruit is King over Durian but then I suspect the reason being many have yet to try Durian or a Excellent variety of Durian that would make them rate it higher.


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