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Most large trees that I have bought and planted  was over taken in growth by direct seeded trees in 3 years.
I no longer buy anything that is over 1-2 years old unless itís like the only way to get that species.
Iív seen a 2,3m durian seedling being planted. 2 years later it was almost dead with a new shoot comming from the hypercotle. Lots of money and energy wasted.
A direct seeded durian  xan reach 2m in 1, 5 years from seed sown.

Itís a good idea though to buy a grafted plant or marcott and then approach graft on it until it dies.


--- Quote from: 0hip on January 31, 2024, 04:15:59 PM ---if they are grafted just buy one and do a ton of approach grafts off it. you would definately have to do a root prune. i dug up my durian that was significantly smaller and in a pot for three or so years and even after two years in the ground it was still root bound and i could just pull it out of the ground pretty much

 This was after two years in the ground. We are not in the best climate for them so the root development wonít be the same as the idea environment but still not the best

--- End quote ---

Wow thatís a sick root system.
Iív measured durian tap roots and on average after one year from seed sown they are over 40cm long.
So Iív manufactured special long pots for them.
The common 4,5L pots are only good for a few months.
Airpruning is a good, compromise but need air pruning pots or native plant tubes with the holding tray.

Finca La Isla:
What do you think about cutting the taproot?  I think there is a case to be made that encouraging more lateral root development the tree can feed easier.

fruit nerd:
I use deep pots and will cut the tap root where they hit the bottom of the pot. I've pulled a few durian out with root problems (bought, not grown myself). Planting durian with a curled up tap root is a bad idea I think. I wonder sometimes if people up pot durian which are root bound which masks the problem.


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