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ben mango:
Hi all. Here are some young durian trees at a new clientís farm. The trees have been In ground for 8 years and some have started to fruit. I will get a list of the different varieties planted but wanted to show some pics of the trees. If anyone has a recommendation on how to deter the pest thatís eating the leaves I would appreciate that. There are a few more trees not in the photos. One tree thatís been in ground for around 15 years is a grafted monthong with around 15 fruits on it. It was the first tree they planted on the land to see how they would do. Elevation is around 1200í location is Kona, Hawaii. There are also fruiting rambutan and mangosteen on the land. I am suggesting the owner plant some marang as well.

Finca La Isla:
Hi Ben
I would think that the trees look like theyíve grown nicely but should, at this point, be cleaned up by removing interior branchlets and maybe some branches that might be crossing or too close to each other.
Do you have any idea what the pest is.  If you canít see anything maybe they come at night and the guy needs to go out there with a flashlight.  If itís caterpillars itís easy to spray BT.  If itís grasshoppers thatís another story. 

ben mango:
Thanks, Peter. Very true, they need to be pruned. I may start on that soon. Then maybe I can add before and after pictures. The mangosteen tree are in need of a good pruning too. Itís possible the pest are rose beetles but I havenít gotten to the bottom of it yet

Yah Ben, Looking good at 1200í. Do you know of any higher elevation plantings in Hawaii? You seen Kona fruit broís durian plant out lately? I wonder how those are doing.

ben mango:
Jeffís place is probably the highest durian planting I know of at around 1500í. Last I saw those trees have been pretty slow growing thus far.


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