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Pears in southern CA

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Brad, I have an old Florida plant catalogue from Chestnut Hill Nursery that lists a little known pear called Florida Bosc. The picture shows a red pear that looks very similar to a red Bartlet in shape and the description says that it needs only 150 chill hours. The description also implies that it is the highest quality low chill pear available. It seems to be really hard to find. So, I assume that means it is more fire blight susceptible than the typical low chill pears. The only place I could find that listed it on-line was in Travers City, Michigan. I thought this pear might be interesting for you to trial in So Cal if you could find it somewhere.



I have access to two large Asian pear trees which always hold lots of fruits now. The fruits are crispy and large. If you want to graft some let me know, I can get you scionwood anytime from the trees.

I just took a brix reading on the Asian pear, it is 13, the Fuju apple has brix of 14. But the taste of the Asian pear is better to me. It has firm white flesh, very crispy, juicy and sweet. Just tasted both pear and apple for comparison, the pear is better.


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