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--- Quote from: SHV on February 09, 2024, 12:40:04 PM --- ;D  No way that bear breaking your E. repanda was on you 2023 bingo card. In fact, thatís probably the first time that phrase has ever been uttered. Seriously, thatís a shame.  Hopefully it keeps growing and fruiting for you.

--- End quote ---

The local bear became really problematic this year, it busted my neighbor's beehive twice, knocked over trash cans nightly, and broke into my neighbors garage unit to steal a bag of dog food. It was one of the biggest bears I've ever seen, honestly. It stole a bag of cat food from an airtight bin on my deck, broke the repanda, stomped on a kumquat, and was generally destroying the area.

Sadly, a few weeks ago, a bear was killed by a car on the 154 highway beside me, about a mile or two away and I suspect it was the one that broke the tree. Part of me is happy because it was actually becoming problematic for residents including myself, but it is sad to lose such a big and healthy bear like that, of which there are very few remaining.

This was a photo of it last year, it was MUCH bigger this year as it had been gorging on garbage and honey, it was really round, belly almost dragging

I had the pleasure of seeing and nerding out over Kís tropical orchard in person. Very generous with his knowledge, and advice. Pretty amazing setup, as good as the pics are they donít do it justice. Thanks for inspiring me to get into grafting.

Was awesome hosting you tropicaltoba!

My home is always welcome to passer's by if you have the time. I am pretty conveniently located if you're going from SF to LA, in fact, you'll probably save 15 min driving on the highway pass I live on anyways - but you'll lose more time with the tour added.  ;D


My harshest planting area on the property, soil is paper thin, maybe 4-6" deep above sandstone. At the top, a ice cream bean, middle pakistani mulberry, bottom black pom. I rarely water here, they do ok at best.

Fig forest is starting to fill in, and I have a good number of breba crop, so that's exciting.

Up potted this campo ramon jabo seedling that is probably about 4 years old now. Really stunning flush of red.

Panche tiger and an LSU purp, with a newly planted coffee cake persimmon that I added some chocolate to for some cross pollination. No takes on the chocs yet

A bunch of NZ variety feijoa are looking good, it's mostly topworked now with: white goose, mammoth, anatoki, wiki tu, improved coolidge, nikita, nazemetz,

Sabara rootstock, grimal interstem, paulista, restinga, zona de mata, navel, malacacheta jabo cocktail

Sabara about to blow up with new growth, it has put on some good weight in the half tote

Santa rosa plum left, peruvian apple cactus middle (yuzu lime tucked behind it), orange guava at the top, guabiju tucked below that, flavor king right, a lucuma and calycina are in the soil to the right

Breba on LSU something or other

This is the first year I've seen mushrooms in my soil. It's the second year I've mulched really heavily. When I first started working this area, it was pure sand, no loam at all.

Nice mycorrhizal growth in the mulch

White mulberry loaded up. Last year the entire crop was moulded out by late rain

Stenocereus queretaroensis in the ground. I have a row of cacti here, not all shown, but opuntia: apricot glory, st rosa, papaya and a few PCH selections. I will probably put all my queretaroensis in ground here, have another 4 or 5 plants.

My greenhouse was hit by some serious fungal issues and I have had to empty it. I need to rebuild it, clean and sterilize it, and figure out a sealing solution. My landlord's downspout dumps out right into the side of it, so it flooded a bunch this rainy winter

bummer to hear about the greenhouse re-work necessity,

Really good looking soil improvements though, trees and mushrooms are all looking great


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