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Loquat blooming in summer


So I recently had to move all my plants out of my greenhouse cause I was away on a holiday and fighting a mealey bug infestation. My greenhouse was running form 70-86 deg at the time. We had a recent cold spell down to mid 50ís and my 3 loquats all bloomed for the first time. Do I keep these? The same thing happened with my mangos last year (Pickering) and the fruit was really good (from what I can tell living in Canada).

Is it a certain variety? Summer flowering is a rarity in loquats. Only in some varieties this is the case.

I had unnamed seedling, Oliver and Christmas they all flowered. Christmas is still flowering and Oliver has started to set fruit

I have had loquats bloom in the summer on occasion. Typically they bloom in the winter and the fruit matures in the spring. Once or twice they have produced a second bloom in the summer. If my memory is correct, the second bloom was not the quality of the first bloom. Please let us know how yours turn out.

Turned out pretty good for small trees, but I also never tasted a loquat before. It was pretty cloudy when the fruit was ripening, and the more shaded tree actually had some fruit that never fully ripened before it started to rot. The tree with more sun ripen faster and had more flavourful fruit, but they were different cultivars. I had ripe fruit from early November to the end of December.


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