Author Topic: Maha Chanok Sounds Like a Pretty Good (Decent/Worthy) Mango After All  (Read 7890 times)


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Re: Maha Chanok Sounds Like a Pretty Good (Decent/Worthy) Mango After All
« Reply #50 on: August 24, 2018, 01:56:28 AM »
I really like it. It is similar to Julie, but in my opinion slightly better tasting. The flesh can be soft; some people may not like that. Definitely worth trying. I just grafted over 1/2 of one of my mallikas to it. One of the most endearing characteristics of the tree is that it will literally bear fruit a year after being grafted (and every single year after that). The most precocious mango I've experienced. Growth rate is ridiculously slow.

Your angie must be receiving nitrogen.

In the video Har commented about the bitterness of Maha skin.  My Angie is much larger than my Pickering.  I have to top it every year.  With Pickering I only cut the lowest branches because I don't want the fruit to touch the ground.
Yeah I guess I should stop the nitrogen.  But Pickering's been getting nitrogen, too.  How do you rate the flavor of Dwarf Hawaiian, Jeff?

I had grafted mahachanok but it did not fruit for 4 years so i cut the whole tree and grow other mango now.


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