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Perennial vegetables that are not spinach substitutes?


Much of the perennial vegetables for leafies. What about options that are more robust? Like something that can be used in cooking where a vegetable like broccoli would be used?

Asparagus, Winged bean, Chayote, Similax (new shoot tips eaten like asparagus), saccharum edule, palm hearts from many species.

I've been told Turkish rocket resembles a perennial broccoli.

And lovage resembles a perennial celery.

yacon, sweet potato,gynbura procumbens and crepioides (sorry spinach) rhubarb, mauka, perennial beans, taro, water chestnut,  arrowhead, hausa potato, pigeon pea, stachys affinis...

Tindora cucumbers, spineless cactus nopales. Akee tree fruit is used as a vegetable. Green banana and plantain are staple carbohydrate crops many places.


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