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It's nice to post in this new forum. Good idea, guys.

I'm in the mid-Atlantic and have access to many temperate fruits like Cherries, Apples, Peaches etc. Would anyone be interested in 1-for-1 trades? I buy my tropicals through the internet anyway; this would just be more trade than money exchange. :)

Hi Tropicaliste,
A temperate for tropical swap sounds interesting. What specific items are you looking for? Please PM me if you are still interested. Thanks.

i am
i am in New Orleans, and have both.
i have a cacao now, i want to get rid of
it is too frost sensitive.
i am looking for soe jujube types, goumi and other berries

are you still looking for trades ?
feel free to PM me.
i have lots of different stuff. lychee and mango seedlings (for rootstock if nothing else)
jujube, POMs, papaya, loquat, etc...

I was hoping to get some trades.
i am looking for Jujube, POM, fig cuttings

Hi all,

My (Thai) wife and I (German) bought 6 rai (1rai=1600sqm) of Land where we want to build our retirement home and of cause the for Thailand common "all you can eat garden" and "all you can eat fish pond".
End of November the Land will be splitted in a 2.5 rai pond and 3.5 rai garden.

All of my Family in law are fanatics in growing trees and plants that bear fruits or veggies. Everyone is into having the most exotic and rare fruit tree and also we want to join the family competition.
What would be the better way as getting into this forum and find "likeminded" people.

I don't know what you are looking for, but we might have it in Thailand as seeds plants or cuttings.
Sure we have to find out, how we connect our interests worldwide but also here are nurseries that do export.
So I guess with these companies I could be helpful to choose the right tree, cutling or seed and check that the choosen one will be arriving in your home and you tell me what rare tree your nurseries got and return the favor... So we should be able to get the best looking and healthiest trees from our home countries to each others.
Just let me know, what specific Thai tree is in your mind and what is a tree in your country that might have a high collector's value in Thailand.
I am sure every country in the world has specials and his collectors.

My area is wet ground, tropical heat between 28-38 degrees/ 80-100 F




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