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Thought I would start a Dragon Fruit thread. Would love to see dragon fruit setups and talk about what varieties are being grown and how they taste. Will start by saying im growing 3 varieties in containers; Purple Haze, Physical Graffiti, Yellow Dragon. I am also working on rooting a few cuttings of different varieties. Have not gotten fruit yet, but expecting to maybe have it this year.

Physical Graffiti (In 18 gal tote self watering container)

I have Hylocereus undatus: many flowers and fruits.
Hylocereus polyrhizus: red flesh, 1st time flowers last year, no fruits set.
Hylocereus megalanthus: still very short, hardly growing at all,  supposedly the fruits have yellow skin.
In the photos below, one 1 is of the red-flesh variety (H. polyrhizus). Notice that the flower buds have different coloration and the branches have different thorn pattern than the more popular H. undatus.
I also have a small branch of Physical Graffiti, not sure what its scientific name is.

Physical Graffiti is said to be a Hylocerus Polyrhizus X Hylocereus Undatus hybrid (that is what list it as). Beautiful pictures, how are the fruits?

I would classify that over half of the fruits were on the sweet side, the rest kinda bland. I've heard that after the fruits set, you're supposed to reduce watering to get sweet fruits. I honestly don't remember my watering pattern when I had the fruits, it was over last summer, and it was pretty hot and dry here in my area, so more than likely I didn't withhold water. Will try to leave them thirsty this coming summer.  ;D

I have 7 different kinds of dragonfruit in 3 gallon pots. I don't really have a 'setup' for them yet. I need to build some beds with wooden frames for them to climb and then I could cover them when it gets too cold. I am in a zn 9a (NE Florida) so I have not put them in anything permanent because I move them into the greenhouse during the winter months. I also bought a lot of my dragon fruit from mattslandscape 3 years ago. The plain H. undatus I have had for 5 years.  I really need to do something with them. I'm such a mean dragonfruit mommy!! haha
I also grow orchid cactus (ornamental epiphyllums) but just keep them in clay pots with hangers.


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