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Butia capitata var. pulposa... rare variety of Pindo Palm

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Hi Folks

I'm happy to announce that I am now the prod owner of one rare Butia capitata var. pulposa.
This is a rare variety of Pindo Palm that produces extra-large size fruits.
I have fresh seeds available now ( 3 €uros each seed + 5 €uros por postage fees )

You can find more info about this palm here:

and you can see photos of my fruits o my FB page... thanks in advance
First time I couldn't post photos of these fruits... here they are now:

Thanks again to those who asked for these seeds.
Have a nice day!
Hello again folks

Just a quick update to confirm these rare Butia capitata var. Pulposa seeds are available again.
Please PM in case anyone is interested.
Recent photos can be seen at my facebook MIGUEL PT
Thanks in advance and best regards

How long till fruit? Looks amazing.

--- Quote from: Jaboticaba45 on October 23, 2023, 11:39:55 AM ---How long till fruit? Looks amazing.

--- End quote ---

6 to 8 years seem to be the normal time to fruit from seed.
My palm started fruiting while still planted in a 40 liters pot


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