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Zagara bianca flowers

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Are young flowers of Zagara Bianca lemon always and with no exception clear white? I bought lemon, according to seller Zagara Bianca, with white- pourpish flower buds. Is this truly that selection of lemon??

I don't grow Zagara Bianca lemon, but from all the pictures of the tree that I've seen the flowers are pure white.

From Tintori: "This is probably a vegetative mutation of the Femminello Comune variety, known since ancient times and still widely grown in Sicily today. This particularly productive cultivar differs from the others in both the colour of its flowers, which are white, and its young shoots, which are an attractive pale green, like those of the orange, rather than the typical purplish colour."

Bianca means white, another italian name for this lemon is "Femminello fior d'arancio" because the flower looks like orange flower.

One comment.  Since the Zagara bianca lemon produces a medium sized fruit, and the fruit's rind is thick, this reduces the amount of its useable juice.

So there is no chance to meet Zagara Bianca lemon flower with trace of purple colour, right?


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