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SOLD OUT Low Chill Cherry scions "Cristobalina" for sale

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I have scions of a low chill cherry available that is tough to get.
It is not patented so they can be exchanged between growers. It is called "Cristobalina" from Spain. It fruits well in areas with at least 100 chill hours, I've had mine fruit with only 50-75 chill hours.
The scions are $5 each with a minimum of 2 scions. I can only ship within the USA. Shipping would be $5 for any number of scions you purchase.
Please message me for orders.
Thanks, Mark


Just received mines today and got em up and grafted!


I have read about this cherry. Its great that you are making it available. I will look forward to next year if you offer it again.

Mark, I know this was from last year, but wondering if you have an 'Cristobalina' scions available this year?  Missed Arboreum's sale window, and would love to plant one up here in Vista.  Thanks!

Patty S.

Could you graft this cherry to a different prunus rootstock such as chickasaw plum?


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