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White Sapote Fruit Shapes

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If anyone has photos of their white sapote fruits, I would like to see them posted here.
Mainly like to see what physical shape your fruits are for the specific variety. This may help others as well in identifying some of the varieties.  Fruits do not need to be ripe to post your photos, just large enough that we can see what shape it will be (egg, spherical, pear shape, etc).

I will take some photos some of my small green fruits, I have a seedling tree with fruits that are shaped like a football (hanging).

Please identify the variety if you know the name and post a photo

Photos of your white sapote can be from previous years, this is just to help identify some fruits from their shape.


I only had one fruit on this new seedling tree (?) or unknown tree that was discovered by AJ (MasonG3), it is called Nasrin.

My graft is about 1 year old now and it had the first fruit. AJ said it tasted like butterscotch custard. I ate this fruit and it sure does have a butterscotch taste. I like it, different taste from any of my other ones (McDill, Suebelle, Vernon, Cuccio, Younghand's Gold, Supersweet) so it was a good find.

Fruit was only about 2" in diameter, i bagged it, but when it got ripe (6/16/23) the humingbirds made some holes through the fruit bag so it had some small holes drilled on the other side.

Here's the Cuccio fruits. This scionwood is from Jonah, most of my white sapote cuttings came from him.

These photos are from 2021 when I had my large tree, now that tree is gone.

I will add pictures of whole fruit when it gets bigger. But i did get a picture of vernon half eaten few months ago. I took a picture because it was so sweet and juicy.

Pau, your fruit looks nice, the size is good also. My Vernon is still in a pot so my fruits do not get that large. I should plant the tree in ground.


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