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Xie Shan grafted on satsuma and clementine tree



The first pic shows the fruits of Xie Shan grafted on a young satsuma tree.   The fruits on this tree have slightly tough ceil and slightly dry if compared with the ones on Clementine tree.   Their sizes and appearances also varied a lot.   

The second pic shows the fruits of Xie Shan grafted on a 10 years old clementine tree.  The quality of fruits is much better, with much uniform size and appearance.  They both ripe at about the same time, with slightly clean taste when compared with an old satsuma tree.

Your fruits look nice, when does yours ripen?

My Xie Shan already finished, and the skin on it is pretty thin/soft. Taste was similar to the Satsuma, nothing special this year. The Satsuma tree has ripe fruits from November to end of January for me.

Very nice looking fruit and tree.

 My Xie Shan only made puffy insipid fruits again this year.  I know this type has great potential but because my Shasta Gold and other mandarins have been so consistently good from day one I am running out of patience with it.

Brian send me your address via this forum, I have a wide and shallow 3" deep container, and is made from a hard plastic construction. Should be great for you shallow trees.


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