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Looking for Nangaka mini jackfruit

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Anyone got this variety?
I know a few sellers from overseas were offering this one.
My only hope of fruiting jackfruit up here...

Iv been trying to find that for some time now with no luck. I havent even come across seeds from anywhere I would trust ordering from. If you happen to find anything let me know! I think its nangka if I rememeber correctly, unless those are different lol.

so far my friend has one in the ground. Seedling.  It has run away from him and hit 18' before he decided to trim it back to trigger more flowering. He got a few fruit first time. he said it wasn't the greatest...but he's going to let it mature and see if it improves. 

Mike T:
I tried grafting a few on the weekend onto dwarf rootstock. I had past success but not so much this time. They are small leafed, thin trunked and very productive. The fruit are usually spherical, a couple of kgs and of good quality. I have seen some being sold in SE Asia that are not the real deal.

ben mango:
So itís the tree and not just the fruit that are mini? Iíve had a small jackfruit that was soft-fleshed, very easy to open , little to no latex, but the taste wasnít anything that great. Came across another fruit in borneo before that looked like a possible cempedak on the outside, small fruit about a kg to one kg if a bigger one, the taste was pure jack. I wondered if it was a hybrid or just a pure jack.  Sounds like this nangka mini is special if itís getting talked about. Anyone have a pic inside of the fruit ? Also is this soft-fleshed or a crunchy variety ?


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