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I think I've identified a source of my diminishing writing skill, I can't blame the years of talking to my kids since they were born..

See if you find what I read.

Reading the article U of Minnesota helped straighten my thoughts.

Temperate Fruit Discussion / fuyu persimmons imported to the states
« on: December 31, 2021, 06:02:40 PM »

While shopping last week up in San Jose/Milpitas 99 Ranch,  we saw these Fuyus for sale... these trees are all over the place in the bay area, there's 3 persimmon on inlaw's block not counting their 40+ year old tree. At least the ones sold at Costco are "locally" grown. Forgot to take a picture but the next table over had cherimoyas, $8.99/lb, but labeled  grown in California.  Brad has a better deal, even with postage, with his Cherimoyas!

Definitely fortunate when fruits can be sourced from our own or someone else's "backyard "  vs the marketplace.

Given how much transportation costs are, how much profit can they make on these imports?

The news articles on trapping 4 Asian citrus psyllids in Fallbrook and possible HLB in Fallbrook started circulating more in the past 24 hours. The pests and traps have been everywhere for years now, so hopefully the tests are negative for HLB.

Tropical Fruit Discussion / Australia "Delcado" article
« on: September 30, 2020, 05:25:59 PM »
The article popped up for me probably by G scraping my browsing cookies on the frequency of reading TFF ;)

Interesting avocado being grown, maybe someone else here has heard of it. The web site also has articles about avocados and other fruit happenings in the world.

Another linked article,  the same fact [oils and hang time] I learned from here!!!

"But Mr Delroy's daughter Suzie, 25, said Delcados have a different flavour because they mature on the tree for much longer at 12 to 16 months. "

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