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C-22 (Bitters), Flying Dragon TRIFOLIATE, C-57 Fire Seeds Available


Currently have seeds available between $15 for Flying Dragon and $20 for C-22/C-57. There are 30 seeds shipping already included ready to be planted, Fresh and viable, but can be stored in your Refrigerator in the vegetable cabinet for several months. The more you wait though the less viable they become.

I am trying myself to grow seedlings to have ready later on in the year, the C-22/C-57 Rootstocks are the closest we are going to get to the best Rootstock US-942. They are all Sunki X TRIFOLIATE crosses. There's been limited research I think. Really better than most Rootstocks currently used...worth the gamble!

Will Trade for Rare Rootstock Seeds like any UFR-X rootstocks (ufr-4/Ufr-5, etc) or US-942 rootstock. US shipping only, Meetup Around Charlotte, NC!

Still available?

I can confirm that my trees on C-22 Bitters are healthier and have stronger sun / heat resistance than my trees on sour orange here in Phoenix AZ high pH shitty desert soil.


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