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WTB Kumquat seeds.

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         Hi.    I would like to buy a few kumquat seeds.   I think I would like to specifically look for FUKUSHU, or Nagami, but I would like to be sure of what I am getting as the seedlings I have at this time are from grocery store kumquats and cannot be positively identified.

    New to this CITRUS obsession.   All I have right now are generic kumquat seedlings and some generic grocery store lemon seedlings.   I would like to grow some seedlings/trees I can identify.    Let me know what you have and what you would like for them and we will see if we dan work something out.   

     I am in Northern Ohio, so no problems with being in a restricted state!

Thanks for looking.


It will be cheaper and give better results to just ask for help identifying your grocery store kumquats from fruit; there are very few varieties available in grocery stores in the US outside of specialty markets, and I don't think it would be likely to be very difficult :)

You know, that's a brilliant idea!   I sometimes can't see the forest for the trees.

  Looking at pictures of the fruits of different varieties, I suspect Nagami, but am unsure.   They averaged about 1 inch in length, possibly a little more, and definitely more egg shaped than round. The larger few could have been close to 1.5 inches in length.  They had seeds, but many were not viable.  I eventually ate two packages of them (1 pound packages, packaged by a company called "Melissa's Fruits" or something like that) and all of the seeds I expected to be viable did end up germinating and I have 25 little seedlings growing.  I posted a couple of pictures on another thread but will also include them here, if that could help identify them.

   Thanks caladri, for making me take a deep breath and think.  It always comes back to your training, right?

   Like I said, I suspect Nagami, but I would appreciate knowing if anyone had any other thoughts on the subject based on my description of the fruit I ate.

    Of course, that doesn't change my mind about wanting to buy some FUKUSHU seeds and/of fruit, if anyone has a Fukushu that is fruiting or getting into the season for it.

If you had originally bought kumquats that were oval with some sourness it was likely Nagami. Round sweet ones are likely Meiwa. I see kumquats in stores from time to time. I think due to their appearance the ones I generally see in store are likely Nagami.

Hi D-Grower.

   That has been the predominant thought.  On another thread I posted pictures of the actual fruit (I went back and bought more) and that was the answer I got based on actual pictures along with my description. 

    I thank you for your response sir.     

    Would you by any chance be growing FUKUSHU kumquats?



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