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Variegated Calamondin, Nagami Kumquat, Centennial Kumquat For Trade


Hey everyone! I got 3 plants for trade!
Variegated Calamansi/Calamondin (pic 4,5)
Variegated Nagami Kumquat (pic 3)
Variegated Centennial Kumquat (pic 1,2)

Looking for more variegated fruit trees!
Mainly want grafted or seedlings but if you are trading variegated cuttings for my whole plant please provide rootstock or graft it before trading.
Thank you!

Variegated nagami kumquat reserved. Only var. calamondin and var. centennial kumquat available

Open to trading any grafted fruit plants for my variegated centennial kumquat plant and variegated calamansi plant. If you have variegated plants to trade then that is even better. Pm me with whatever you got.

I also have a huge variegated pink guava plant for trade for variegated fruit/citrus/etc plants

5 foot tall ice cream blue Java banana tree I would throw in with a trade or open to trade for something else

Variegated plumeria for trade as well

Trade in Southern California


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