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Would root development still continue during the winter especially when the low is 53?

Root development is more than likely less than at other times, but a low of 53 F ( about 11'c ?? ) is periodic where you are ? Its not the usual day temp ??
The temp inside the wrapping around the marcott root ball may not get that low, or get back higher thru the day. Other factors like sun exposure, wind chill, rain or irrigation, may also raise or lower the temp ?? The colour of the wrapping ( black ) may also raise the temp to induce root activity.
Yes you may be better off at other times as suggested, but the winter low temp may not be a good measure of the temperature inside of a marcott, or plastic pot etc. over the entire day or month ??

I cut down the roots. Both branches has roots. Not alot like my guava but enough it will survived with heavy trimming.

53 is the lowest temp at night. Goes from 70-80 during the day.

Anyone has any lucky grafting wax jambu? I'm going to graft some more variety of my Black Diamond & and Red Rocket.

I am here in the nursery, all gone

I call Champa yesterday and they said they were gone. Good deal
Thanks man. You saved me a 10 hour drive. Have any of you guys checked Mimosa. They have several wax apples on their website.

I went to Mimosa yesterday in Los Angeles.  They have few, but they is very very small should be potted in 1 gal but they are potted in a 7gal for $100

Check this twig for $450.

I am here in the nursery, all gone

I call Champa yesterday and they said they were gone. Good deal

Order 3. 2 for me and 1 for my parent's garden.

Mine hasn't fruited but I've seen change to a lighter green. That's a good size tree.


Is "dzu bo" the same as the Thai Long Green? How does it taste in terms of texture and sweetness compared to others?

I got the 3G Thai Long Green from Champa for $60 which is on sale till 11/30/21.

That's a great price! Got picture?

Dzu bo aka Thai Long Green (seedless). I haven't try all of them so I can't commend on it. Thai Long Green and Black Sugar is supposedly all very sweet variety. Thai Jumbo is sweet when it's ripe and crunchy but hollow inside. Black Diamond isn't very sweet and I don't think it's worth growing even when it's ripe. I'm grafting different variety to my Black Diamond.


Thank you for all the replies to my inquiry.  Since then, I purchased a 3G Thai Long Green Wax Jambu (the label only said Long Green but the nursery said it is Thai Long Green) from Champa Nursery at El Monte.  It is on sale for this month.  Hope it tastes sweet; will know in a couple years!

How much did you get it for? Mine was $100 at Van's nursery. I found a 5-7g one and the owner let me have it for that price. The rest were 3g.

Check out some other variety of wax jambu. The black sugar (bottom left) is supposed to be very sweet too.

I have Black Diamond, Thai long green and Red Rocket.

From my research, Thai long green is supposed to be the best follow by Red Rocket and Thai Jumbo. I wouldn't bother growing Black Diamond and Black Pearl variety. Thai long green is supposedly sweet even when it's not ripe.

I'm planning to graft a couple other variety to my tree because they get so big and there is no way I can finish all.

Also you might want to look for Black Gold variety as well. They all are better than Black Diamond and Pearl.

Anyone has experience airlayering citrus during the winter?

I airlayer 4 large branch 2 months ago. One of them already has roots, but 3 others haven't seen alot.

Would root development still continue during the winter especially when the low is 53?

Tropical Fruit Discussion / Re: My Backyard Garden in So Cal
« on: November 07, 2021, 06:40:46 PM »
Your backyard is huge.

One thing I would definitely do differently is get different color paver so the wall and ground doesn't match. It's too sterile looking. It's too gray for me.

Also I think you miss an opportunity to lay some pipe down for drip irrigation and have it automatically water it for you.

I have all my tropical fruit trees and herb on drip irrigation system.

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