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 Dear friends and collectors,

this is the first and last call after the auction closed recently where most collectors concentrated their efforts in few species. But many other species deserve your attention: among them, A.longiflora and its magnificent flowers and fruits, the tasty A.herzogii fruits, the well known A.macroprophyllata white and the ultra rare Sapranthus violaceus, not speaking about the incredible Musa ingens!

If you are interested to buy some, this can be a great chance to get a bunch of rarities at a fair price. For a single plant, the cost will be flat to the reserve price. If you purchase more, then we can agree further discounts depending on quantities.

Here below the list and photos of the great opportunities still availble for sale:

A.sclerophylla: N4 and N5
A.longiflora: N2, N3, N4, N8
Annona macroprophyllata white: N2, N4, N5
Annona herzogii: N1, N2, N4, N5, N6, N7
Annona sp. Mexico white: N3, N4
Annona squamosa yellow-pink Mexico: N2
Sapranthus violaceus: N1, N2, N3, N6, N7, N8, N9, N10, N11, N12
Musa ingens: few plants available

Don't forget to email me at indicating the list of the plants you want to buy including your address.


Tropical Fruit Buy, Sell & Trade / Rare Annonaceae seeds sales!!!
« on: April 23, 2021, 01:44:14 PM »

Dear friends, few days ago I received very fresh seeds of the most interesting and rare Annonaceae from Per:

Annona nitida: 3 Euro per seed
Annona papilionella: 2 Euro per seed
Annona edulis: 3 Euro per seed
Annona hypoglauca 3 Euro per seed
Annona amazonica 3 Euro per seed

As you may imagine, all species are very difficult to get and produce amazing fruits. Shipping costs to be added depending on destinations.

This is probably the last sale of peruvian seeds I make here since all the rest has been sold through facebook. PM to me if you wanna have the last chance to get such treasures!

All shipments will be made from Italy. I ship worldwide at your own risks. Most part of the cash will be devolved to our heroic explorers of the jungles!

All the best


Good news to all Annona and rare fruits collectors:

Annona longiflora: after more than one year of deep search, I finally managed to find the true A.longiflora. Very rare one from Jalisco, Mexico. The fruit is amazingly flavourful. Unfortunately this specie is quite rare to find and very often confused with Annona macroprophyllata or A.cherimolia even for experts, since the leaves are a real challenge to distinguish from, beneath the fruit shape/flavour/colour and seeds is clearly different. Small batch of fresh fruits available. They are the last of this season and in limited quantity.

Annona bullata: very rare tree from Cuba, it can be found only in one or two botanical gardens, locally it's renowned for the aromatic flavour of the leaves where in ancient times was used for curative and very scented teas. The fruit, when ripen is good flavoured but much different from classic Annonas.

Xylopia aromatica: quite rare Annonacea with very aromatic flowers found in Central America. The scented seeds are used as pepper or medicine and are flavourful. It's a must have for collectors.

Carica cubensis: small and sweet papaya from Cuba, very rare and very nice to have in your fruit collection!

For seeds price inquiries of those rarities send me a private message. Thanks!


Dear friends, I had many requests this year for my spare plants of rare Annonaceae. So I decided to open a quick auction to all people interested to buy these treasures.

It's obvious to say that each plant represents years of efforts in searching the best of the best our Mother Nature could offer!
Looking the success of the past years, I'm confident in your fairness. So please bid only if your are really interested to buy.

Here it is the auction link:!At_AuXyG9fVGyXmHYl7QFHnGvAgJ

All info are inside this file. You can copy it and send me back each time with your best bids. All bids are updated on a daily basis in the master file online in full transparency for your review. The auction ends September 8th 2019 @ 12:00 PM CET.

Hope you enjoy this amazing botanical family!

Hugs to you all,


To all rarities collectors:

I have available the last batch of fresh Annona bullata form Cuba. The ripen fruit flavour is good and sweet, different than all others Annonas.

The leaves are aromatic and currently used in Cuba in the same way as Laurus.

Few seeds available. The price is 4 Euro per seed. Minimum order: 6 seeds and shipping costs are for free. PM me for availabilities and orders.

All the best,


Below are some pics of the specie:


Dear Friends,

after two years of great success, I decided to sell again my surplus of rarities to all proud collectors worldwide. But this year, I have something more special for you for sure, not easy to find!

If you are interested, just drop me a private message with the list of the red codes you find in the upper part of the pics, then I'll book the order and will tell you later also the delivery costs depending on your needs and location. Considering the amount of requests I had the last years, I suggest you to book as quick as you can your desires!

Here is the list!

Annona coriacea:
the seeds of this variety has been collected from a good flavoured/sweet fruit. Orange pulp. Usually likes a lot of sun and dry climate, but I found out this a quite flexible specie. Middle/slow growing.

Price 25 Euro.

Further info:

Annona dioica:
One of my favourite! It's a great bush a collector cannot miss. Quite flexible about the soil and rain. I'm certain about the good texture and flavour of this fruit thank to my good friend who had the chance to taste this jewel from Cerrado (Brasil). White pulp inside, green skin outside! Middle/slow growing.

Price per plant: 35 Euro

Further info

Annona diversifolia
This one is an amazing fruit coming from the seeds reserve from our friend Raul in Mexico who almost risked his life to get the best. These are a selection of the best flavoured ilama. Not sure about the fruit colour, but looking at the young gems colour, probably red/pink pulp.

Price per plant: 30 Euro

further info:

Annona montana (Gaspar)
This is a good memory of one of the best botanical friend I ever had, Anestor, where I was lucky enough to get few seeds of his beloved A.montana "Gaspar" variety, one of the few montana with good flavour and texture, perfect for fruit juice. These are the lasts I have. Yellow pulp, green skin. R.I.P. my friend.

Price per plant: 25 Euro

For further info:

Annona monticola
I even don't remember how many years I spent looking for this Cerrado treasure. and after a lot of challenges, thanks to my friend Salvador, I got it! It's an AMAZING plant with also a good flavoured fruit, different from the other Annonaceae. It has soft fur outside, fashinating hazel colour, sexy fruit shape, green/white pulp inside. It's a plant very hard to get and a classic very slow growing specie, very appreciable, a true collector item. It's obvious to say this is something you cannot easily find even in a botanical garden..

Price per plant: 35 Euro

For further info:

Annona rugulosa
This specie has a lot of rememberings to me. My great friend Anestor, who sadly passed away too early, sent me a batch of seeds many months ago and then I got some plants of his "best Annona I ever eaten" he was used to say. Endemic of his region, but now endangered, it was a real discovery for me, especially if you consider the soil/climate/temperature/humidity flexibility. White pulp, green/yellow skin. medium/fast grower.

Price per plant: 35 Euro

For further info:

Annona vepretorum
A.vepretorum was a matter of a secret affair I was witness of! When I received the seeds of this specie I even didn't know anything about it. But when I started looking for more info, I discovered that it was an ultra rare specie from Caatinga region in Brasil with an excelent flavour and very good texture. Drought resistant and sun lover! Unfortunately, few trees remained endemic and I bet that in few years it will be one of the most sought after fruit from collectors. Well before deciding to sell here these natural masterpieces, I already received many requests but I preferred to be fair in my offers, as usual. Creamy yellow pulp, sweet, green skin. Slow growing.

Price per plant: 40 Euro

For further info:

Annona warmingiana (Annona pygmaea)
Ok, this specie need just one comment: ultra rare nano-Annona! The amazing to see also the fruit/texture is good, as per my friend who had the chance to taste it fresh. Definitely very slow growing and tipically a collector's item you cannot miss. Very few available, not easy to germinate.

Price per plant: 40 Euro

For further info:

Fitzalania heteropetala
I'm proud to have found one of the few Australian Annonaceae! It was a teamwork with friends living in Queensland where they got seeds from a botanical garden. Black flower! Orange fruits with good flavoured pulp! Slow grower but very nice and sexy specie. Not easy to find, few plants available.

Price per plant: 35 Euro

For further info:

Diospyros texana
This is a successful experiment with Diospyros. finally I found a real sweet BLACK persimmon!!! Darker than D.digyna. Not easy to find, slow grower.

Price: 30 Euro

For further info:

Passiflora nitida (this one a rare variety from Cerrado)
I'm very focussed on Annonaceae, but this is an exception. When I saw the photos of the pulp/colours and shape of the fruit I got mad! This is a rare WILD CERRADO P.nitida from my friend Salvador. Than means it tolerates drought very well and is really a sun-lover!!! Truly an amazing specie for your garden. I love it so much...

Price: 30 Euro

Further info:

Dear All,

I just have available very fresh collector's items. Here are the species:

Annona dioica: 28 seeds
Annona coriacea: 8 seeds
Annona monticola: 11 seeds
Annona neosericea: 20 seeds

Interested buyers are pleased to contact me by sending a PM.
Price 3 Euro each seed. Postage costs depending on the destination country and quick delivery or not.

All the best,


Tropical Fruit Buy, Sell & Trade / Last Annonaceae sales for this season
« on: September 18, 2017, 05:40:36 PM »


For all friends annonaholic collectors that have not been able to buy some species in my last sale:

This is your lucky day!

I saved some plants now available for sale, it's a good chance to get very rare fruits for your collection. Most of those were originally planned for my garden.

All are not difficult to cultivate and are already acclimatized outdoor (not in greenhouse). My summer was great and they grew further. Here you can find the previous photos in my last post:

I shipped everywhere in the world. Below you have the N of plants available and prices: for orders with more than 4 plants, you get 20% discount.

Species   N plants   Price in Euro   
Annona cornifolia   2   15   (flowering size, see attached photo)
Annona Sp. (squamosa)   1   15   
Annona Sp. (rollinia)   1   15   
Annona bahiensis   4   30   
Annona nutans   2   30   
Annona stenophylla   2   30   
Annona parviflora   8   25   
Duguetia confinis   1   30   
Annona neolaurifolia   3   25   
Annona ubatubensis   2   30   
Anonidium mannii   1   40   
Annona muricata   3   15   
Annona squamosa   1   15   

Feel free to contact me for any enquiry you may have!

All the best,


Tropical Fruit Buy, Sell & Trade / 2nd big Annonaceae sale!
« on: July 27, 2017, 06:16:14 PM »
Dear friends,

the last year, where all have been sold out in just one week, I promised to all people interested to sell the next surplus of my collection here. This thread is just to advance the plants I'm going to sell starting from the fourth week of August, it's a sort of pre-sale where you can book the plants.

50% of the value must be paid in advance by paypal. The rest once I prepare the boxes to be sent.
The postal cost as well as packaging and paypal fees will be agreed later before preparing the boxes depending on the destination country.

Here it is the list, in the next days will follow the photos of each plant:

In case you are interested, PM to me in advance.

All the best,


Here are the photos. For orders, please send me the name of the photo and I'll be back to you if the plants are still available for sale or have already been sold.

Annona bahiensis:
fruit photo:

Annona cornifolia:
fruit photo:

Annona muricata:
fruit photo:

Annona neolaurifolia:
fruit photo:

Annona nutans:
fruit photo:

Annona parviflora:
fruit photo:

Annona sp. (rollinia)
Fruit photo: very rare cross from Cerrado

Annona sp. (squamosa):
Fruti photo: another very rare cross form Cerrado

Annona squamosa red (Shrikaya merah):
fruit photo:

Annona stenophylla:
fruit photo:

Annona ubatubensis:
fruit photo:

Anonidium mannii:
fruit photo:

Duguetia confinis:
fruit photo:

Stelechocarpus burahol:
fruit photo:

Tropical Fruit Buy, Sell & Trade / New seeds from Cerrado!!!
« on: March 13, 2017, 11:00:51 AM »
Dear All,

here you can find an new list of available fresh seeds from another friend of mine in Cerrado.

In case you are interested, just drop me a PM with your order draft and address. I'll be back to you with final price.

Very rare species!

Fruta de tatu (pradosia brevipes )
Pitanguinha do cerrado  (eugenia punicifolia)
Araa (Psidium laurotheanun)
Araa-vermelho psidiun sp
Araazinho mini myrtaceae sp
Araa  (psidium myrsinites)
Psidium myrsinoides
Araa (pdium pholianun)                                                 
Annona crassiflora
Annona tomentosa
caqui do cerrado (dyospiro hispida)
passiflora nitida , maracuja doce

Thanks to you all,


Dear friends,

it's the end of a very hot summer here in Italy and finally I decided to put for sale the last jewels of rare fruits coming from seeds of my friend Helton and other great collectors around the world.

here you have the original topic of my pre-sale ( ) with all prices.

and below, the photos of the plants. In case you are interesed, please PM me with name and number of the plants you are interested to buy.



A.coriacea 1

A.coriacea 2

A.coriacea 3

A.coriacea 4

A.deliciosa 1

A.deliciosa 2

A.dolabripetala 1

A.dolabripetala 2

A.muricata 1

A.muricata 2

A.muricata 3

A.neosalicifolia (large leaf variety)

A.neosalicifolia 1

A.neosalicifolia 2

A.neosalicifolia 3

A.salzamannii 1

A.salzamannii 2

A.salzamannii 3

A.salzamannii 4

A.salzamannii 5

A.salzamannii 6

A.salzamannii 7

A.squamosa red (shrikaya merah) 1

A.squamosa red (shrikaya merah) 2

Tropical Fruit Discussion / Anonidium mannii guess
« on: July 07, 2016, 10:29:29 AM »
Hi to all experts, this is not an easy question since the specie is quite uncommon. Please take a look to the attached picture: this is one of 10 Anonidium mannii I have, all of them are in the same condition, I'm sure the plants are alive but I still don't know why they started drying from the top leaving the base in a sort of pause...

The question is: is there anybody who has a good idea to help resprout again this botanical rarity? Any suggestion also on ho to preserve the leaves in the future?

Many thanks in advance to all of you,


Dear All,

I just wanted to anticipate the following pre-sale of young plants: I have recently transplanted in single pots some jewels of my private collection of Annonaceae that will be ready in one/two months more. This is the list:

Annona neosalicifolia   (15 Euro per plant) please check:
Annona coriacea        (15 Euro per plant)   please check:
Annona dolabripetala  (15 Euro per plant)  please check:
Annona salzmannii    (30 Euro per plant)   please check:
Annona deliciosa (special variety sweet with big horns from Dada) (15 Euro per plant)        please check:
Annona muricata from seychelles (very sweet one) (10 Euro per plant) please check:
Annona squamosa "shrikaya merah" dark red  (15 Euro per plant) please check:

At the end of summer will be available also:

Annona hypoglauca  (20 Euro per plant)   please check:
Annona cornifolia  (15 Euro per plant)       please check:

In case you are interested in some of these botanical jewels and you live in Europe (or in places where sending plants is allowed from EU without special certificates), you can place the order now!

Hope to be of help to all collectors who did not have the chance to own such tropical rarities,

All the best,


Tropical Fruit Buy, Sell & Trade / Rare annona seeds for sale
« on: April 14, 2016, 03:07:27 AM »

Dear All,

I have available few seeds of the following species coming from my friend Helton, just received yesterday. Since I already have these rare jewels in my collection so I decided to sell:

Annona dolabripetala
Annona neosalicifolia
Annona xylopiifolia

If you are interested, drop me a PM: the price is 3 Euro per seed.

Have a nice day!


Hi to everybody, please take a look to the following slides:

And please also check page:

20 (A.duckei, A.pittieri)
22 (A.andicola, A. hispida, A.rensoniana)

Do you have any clue about the quality, flavour or other relevant information about these species?

Does anybody have the chance to find seeds of these rare annonaceae somewhere?

Many thanks in advance,


Tropical Fruit Buy, Sell & Trade / Annona warmingiana and Annona dioica
« on: February 25, 2016, 09:47:44 AM »
Hi everebody,

this time I'm looking for

the following annonaceae:

Annona warmingiana
Annona dioica

Please take a look to the link:

If anybody has some seeds for sale or can provide for, please contact me



Tropical Fruit Buy, Sell & Trade / WANT: Alphonsea maingayi
« on: January 29, 2016, 10:36:37 AM »
Hi guys, nobody had the chance to try this specie? This is an Annonacea.

The fruit seems to be very good. Any feedaback from you? Anybody has seeds for sale?



Tropical Fruit Buy, Sell & Trade / Annona Coriacea and Annona Spraguei
« on: August 09, 2015, 10:04:13 AM »
Hi guys, this is supposed to be the month of Annona coricaea and Annona spraguei seeds, is there anybody selling some fresh???

Please contact me,



Tropical Fruit Buy, Sell & Trade / Annona spraguei
« on: July 21, 2015, 05:56:04 PM »
Hi everybody!

nobody selling annona spraguei? Still not the season?



Tropical Fruit Buy, Sell & Trade / Wanted: Pouteria splendens seeds
« on: May 22, 2015, 11:36:55 AM »
Hi to everybody,

I'm still loking for Pouteria splendens, does anybody found a place/someone where to buy seeds?

Please PM me if you haveit or can find it. Thanks!  ;)

this is a photo taken from

Thanks thanks thanks, to everybody helped me in finding Annona salzmannii seeds. 1 year spent looking for this treasure and finally, I got it from one of the most friendly guy I found in Brasil. I will thank him till the end of time...

You may imagine how many speculators found me before finding this honest guy who simply had in his garden the fruiting tree..

These are the gems.. ;D

I have also the photo of the fruit, but I have to ask before publishing..

By the way: I decided to exchange some of them with people who has fresh seeds of the followings:

Annona monticola
Annona cristalensis
Annonidium mannii
Annona spraguei
Duguetia lepidota
Annona neosalicifolia
Annona rugulosa
Annona tomentosa
Annona ubatubensis
Annona hystricoides
Annona ekmanii
Annona manabiensis

In case you have or will have some just send me a PM.

Thanks again to all!


Hi to all friends,

this is a great chance to find fresh & good quality seeds of Annona Crassiflora from Brasil.

A friend of mine who represents an associaton of Marolo farmers has the chance to sell Annona Crassiflora seeds of the best quality you can find, directly from the producers in Minas Gerais!

I'm giving my help in taking orders of this botanical gem from all conoisseurs of great fruits. He can supply also larger quantities to resellers.

The news of this year is that all the seeds has already been treated with GA3 for improved results !!!

Furthermore we have available also the following seeds:

Annona coriacea
Duguetia lanceolata
Caryocar brasiliense



Hi guys, here you have a photo of the seeds of the first shipment. They arrived to me mixed with bran to better preserve the quality. I opened some in order to see if they were not completely dry: were simply perfect!

I would add also some photos of Marolo from my friend trees:

Hi guys, I have now the photos of my friend nursery: very nice seedlings!!!

Hi to all seeds addicts,

does anybody have for sale Annona Scleroderma and/or Pentadiplandra Brazzeana seeds for sale?

Does anybody tried Oublie fruit for sweetening something? Does it work better than Stevia (bad liquorice backtaste!) :o

thank you all in advance!


Tropical Fruit Discussion / Big guess..
« on: March 04, 2015, 06:14:12 AM »
Hi guys, I have a question for all Annonaceae experts: I received the following photos from Brasil regarding one specie not easy for me to identify. It is in a protected natural park in Minas Gerais and no idea of the specie it belongs nor the variety.. local people say it is not a biriba or atemoya. May it be a Duguetia relative? Any guess?
Thanks for your help,


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