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I have fresh Myreceria vexator (Blue Grape) seeds to sell or trade. I'm asking 2$ per seed plus $8 shipping. Also willing to trade. If you have desirable fig cuttings or plan to have some this winter let me know.

USA only, don't really know how to ship across international waters and I was just burned by customs with my custard apple seeds.


Tropical Fruit Discussion / Fertilize after planting?
« on: August 29, 2021, 08:49:11 PM »
Hello, I am re-landscaping my back yard. In spring of next year, I plan to plant some of my tropicals from pots into the ground. I am going to amend my poor clay soil and get it tested in November.

I've been reading Florida's Best Fruiting Plants 2nd edition as a resource and the author suggests not fertilizing newly planted trees except for mangos. The author wrote "tender feeder roots should be given a chance to develop and extend into nearby soil." This is counterintuitive from what I've read and seen. Besides mangos, I plan to plant a variety of species.

As a rule of thumb, should I plan to lightly fertilize my newly planted tropicals in spring? Or should I be safe? Wait a month and then fertilize since my environment is different than Florida?

Tropical Fruit Discussion / Cambuca seedling question
« on: July 04, 2021, 04:36:53 PM »
Iím growing this Cambuca seedling under fluorescent lighting indoors. Could use some help identifying the residue on the leaves. Is this from a bug? It kinda looks like pollen.

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