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Tropical Fruit Discussion / Re: Input on a decision
« on: July 16, 2017, 04:19:00 PM »
Went by, nursery closed today.  Will try Monday if I can get home quickly enough.

Tropical Fruit Discussion / Re: Input on a decision
« on: July 15, 2017, 10:48:12 PM »
I can get photos tomorrow.
What should I be looking for?

Do the length of the flowers help, they were about an inch exactly.

Tropical Fruit Discussion / Re: Input on a decision
« on: July 15, 2017, 09:43:51 PM »
Do both ;D

No help, that should be an either or question  :)

Tropical Fruit Discussion / Input on a decision
« on: July 15, 2017, 08:00:09 PM »
I recently started some cherimoya seeds in the hope of over the next few years growing out and enroute, grafting on some annonas.  Hope to get help from Dom and others who have posted on the forum.  Bottom line the long view.

I walked in to a nursery today and saw what the buy called a cherimoya in a 7 gallon pot for $75.  It had flowers on.
I am thinking this changes everything.  First it shows perhaps I can get fruit on a cherimoya (not just the annona grafted on it)  It also cuts out a couple of years.  It essentially jumpstarts everything.

So here is my question, would you trade a quick route to the endgame for the joy of starting your plants and executing a plan?

Please let me know what you would do.

Just curious, is beefy still on the forum and if so, whatever happened to his tree?
The original spat was a couple of years ago, the tree should have had some fruit now, would like to know what it was.

Tropical Fruit Discussion / Re: Tebow Mango Surprise
« on: July 09, 2017, 05:25:07 PM »
Just had my first Tebow also. The fruit was quite good, but didn't notice anything special about the texture. What was special was the size of the seed, very small and round. The tree is not a good bearer, at least here, made very few fruits.

Will probably give you one amazing playoff fruit and then stop producing altogether.

Nice Rob.
I will add only if you cut it.

I read this with some interest.  My jackfruit is still young and not fruiting yet, perhaps a year or two.
Yes I have tasted fresh jackfruit and it is very good, unfortunately, I have not tried fruit from asian market.
But for those of you who have jackfruits, I suspect you may be able to spare one.  If you can, will someone be willing to donate, I will donate shipping up to $12 so that OP can have the experience of a lifetime a fresh unfrozen good jackfruit?

Maybe Gary just has a super green thumb  :)
G, Please share the secret of your sucess.

Tropical Fruit Buy, Sell & Trade / Re: Sale: anona scions
« on: July 08, 2017, 10:34:51 PM »
Hi Orkne
In the end of July, most likely early August, there will be a smaller anona scion sale.
Mark, I've had quite a few grafts dried after I went on vacation in April but that was due to neglect
I looks like you have good fruit setting on your Frankincado let us know the best of the bunch.

Can't wait.  Sent PM.

Tropical Fruit Discussion / Re: Avocado for Florida Treasure Coast
« on: July 06, 2017, 08:21:10 AM »
Are you considering Monroe or some other old workhorse?

My gripe with Lula was huge seed to flesh ration.  It was not a huge success in my yard.  Top worked with Oro Negro from Carlos.
Have you checked out his website?  You may get some good info from there.
His website is

I dont choose fruit by flesh to seed ratio.  I go for quality and taste (sic Sweet Tart).  Lula is a very late season 'cado that truly has excellent eating quality.   

IMO, both Oro Negro and Monroe are subpar 'cados in terms of flavor.  Wouldn't grow them or choose to eat them.

Also keep in mind, Carlos has a distinct soil composition  (different than Palm Beach County or the Treasure Coast) and he is growing and really reviewing for commercial purposes (which is fine but the backyard grower is not growing for that reason).
Didn't enjoy eating the Lula either and more importantly neither did the mrs.  It was beheaded (ok top worked) and now proudly calls itself oro negro.  No fruit yet, perhaps next year.
I stayed away from commenting on taste/flavor because it is relative.  Some like it oily some not.  I wouldn't take a free Lula, that's how unfavorable the experience was.  The thin flesh was the last straw and that is completely objective, hence my comment.

Without hijacking the topic, how do I get to taste a sweat tart?

I have been reading up on this and have come across both suggestions.
1) Straight in and out to prevent mis-shaped fruit.  Also to reduce the number of seeds
2) In straight with a slight twist and remove pinching the petals to ensure pollen makes god contact and stays in

I saw a video that suggested to do what you did.  Might I suggest you try both on a few flowers and mark them with a string of different colors.  Report back to the forum.

Tropical Fruit Discussion / Re: Avocado for Florida Treasure Coast
« on: July 04, 2017, 09:33:58 PM »
Are you considering Monroe or some other old workhorse?

My gripe with Lula was huge seed to flesh ration.  It was not a huge success in my yard.  Top worked with Oro Negro from Carlos.
Have you checked out his website?  You may get some good info from there.
His website is

Tropical Fruit Discussion / Re: Multigrafting Mango Trees
« on: July 04, 2017, 03:10:55 PM »
That must be a seriously confused tree.

Also, if two people tried fruits at different times, they will describe fruits of the same tree very differently (possibly) and each will not know they were right.

So quick question, how do you get soooooo many scions?
What is the best practice to reduce disease spread for someone who wants to do a modest 3 or 4 per tree on 3 trees?
Other than being selective in where scion comes from, is there something else that needs to be done?

Patrick - please update on your experience with you multi-grafted trees.

Tropical Fruit Discussion / Re: Rain = Washed Out Mango Flavor?
« on: July 01, 2017, 05:46:18 PM »
Carrie and Mallika were not washed out at my Dad's place in North Ft Myers this entire month of June even though when picked, the stems and fruit both squirted for a couple seconds at every picking. Mallikas have been outstanding this year when properly ripened off the tree 7-14 days,picked off the tree at the first hint of yellowing. Started picking Mallika around June 7, ate the first one June 14  and picked the last bunch June 21, will be eating them until about July 4. Did about 3 pickings a week apart. Could probably have left some on the tree another week if not for squirrel attacks. Picked Carrie this year between May 15-June 21.
  Mallika is a well balanced mango that literally makes your mouth water when eaten, multiple waves of flavor, orange creamsicle was the dominant flavor element with coconut,vanilla,pineapple,and just a hint of muskmelon in the background. I don't know where people are complaining about carrot flavor, they must be picking it too late or otherwise letting it get overripe. Mallika does get that funky mango death flavor if it gets TOO ripe, I guess at its earliest stages of overripe, some detect carrot,I did not.  I am going to plant a Mallika for myself, it is top notch. I would say it is distinct from but on the level of a perfect Dot, but a much healthier,productive tree. One of the few top tier early-mid mangos that don't get washed out by rain, are there others?

How do you ripen your mallika assuming you don't have any camel dung  :) (PIN reference)
I still have 5 or 6 on the plant and want to get my best shot a a good tasting fruit.

Lost em.
Just disappeared.
I kept the soil moist but did not water every day.

Perhaps it was still too wet.

I will have to try again.

Otto Anderson and Grimal again.
Interested if you have seed.

Tropical Fruit Discussion / Jabo sprouting question - need some help
« on: June 25, 2017, 07:26:19 PM »
So I tried to start some jabo seeds (Otto Anderson and Grimal).

I started with fresh nice seeds that said, plant me, plant me.  I planted in a rich mix and kept moist and in humid conditions by covering the pot with some clear plastic and set by a south facing window.  Then I waited and watched.

Its been one month and I don't see what I was expecting.  A little green sprout pushing.  Note "green", it will become relevant later.

I see nothing in the one pot and some roots coming out the bottom of the pot in the other.

The pot with the roots has this supper thin plants emerging - see image below.
They are not green, they are super thin, some shade of brown to maroon, I think they may be something in my soil mix but am hoping one of you will say, "of course, %$#@ head, that is an Otto sprouting!"

I am gearing up to have a second go at starting these and want some advice from experienced folks on the forum.  What is my best strategy to germinate and grow jabo seeds?  What starting mixes, when does it go in the soil, etc. etc.  I will read every post and will consider all suggestions (and them do the simplest :) )

Encouragement wont be scoffed at either and by the way, share a photo of yours if you have any of jabo sprouts.

Tropical Fruit Discussion / Re: Cherimoya seeds floating
« on: June 18, 2017, 09:41:29 PM »
Thanks all, you are all correct.  A couple more sank.
I came across the hydrogen peroxide hint on you tube but didn't use the hint.  Perhaps for the next batch.
I also saw the suggestion to clip a portion of the shell to help the seed out.  Didn't use that either (don't trust my fine motor skills  :))

I will wait these out and let more sink over the next few days.


Tropical Fruit Discussion / Re: Cherimoya seeds floating
« on: June 18, 2017, 09:41:48 AM »
Leave for 24 hours... if still floating place in bin...... Are the seeds brown or black..... If brown Cherimoya was picked too early.... Best time to pick is when they change their appearance... They usually go lighter...... Mike
They are brown though left overnight still floating but have taken on a darker shade around the edges.
This may work after all.

Tropical Fruit Discussion / Cherimoya seeds floating
« on: June 17, 2017, 09:34:43 PM »
So I got some cherimoya (Annona cherimola) seeds (not from the forum) with the intent of planting them today.  I read online that to get things going, soak in water for 6 hours and those that are floating are bad, those that sank are good.
All my seeds, every last one is floating 3 hours in.  Should I be concerned?

I want these for rootstock, but was curious, is this a desirable fruit by itself?

Say it isn't so. This would be too bad.

I bought a Mango from him last year, and got the tree in the backyard.  It is fruiting, and also has grown new leaves on the tree.  I ended up with the Tequila Sunrise Mango as my decision.

A 3 gal and fruiting within a year?   ???  :-\  :-[

Rob, I have seen air layered mango set fruit first year in the ground.  I had 2 do that.  I took the fruits off to help the tree better use its energy on growth and get better established.  Perhaps this is a similar situation?
Wussero, care to expand?

Anyone? :( I'm running out of time to ask for a refund if these aren't jaboticaba seeds.

I interpreted "strike out again" as saying no they are not, since your first set got the answer not jabo.  He then proceeded to describe how he prepares seeds to give an idea of what you might see in well prepared seeds of jabo.

If I were you, on a clock and wish to seek a refund, I will initiate contact with the seller now.  Have the seller provide the assurance but make your intent clear.  In the mean time, follow this thread to see if anyone can confirm as bluntly as Oscar did with the other seeds.

Hope this helps.

Tropical Fruit Discussion / Re: Mango splitting
« on: June 10, 2017, 09:44:56 PM »
After the most of the rain, I checked on my tress and two had fruits that had split.  One, had just the one fruit but the split was almost the whole length of the fruit.  The other had several mangoes with splits on the stem end.  I picked a few off but some had fallen by themselves.
The birds and raccoons are having a feast.

Tropical Fruit Discussion / Re: Mango ID???
« on: June 10, 2017, 09:32:26 PM »
Could those be Mallika?
Looking at the lower pair, that is what it looks like to me but I will defer to the experts in the house.

Tropical Fruit Buy, Sell & Trade / Re: Sale: anona scions
« on: June 10, 2017, 04:55:44 PM »
The scion 2017 sale  is officially on the books. I have deleted all anona varieties and this thread is now open for discussion on the status of your current grafts.

I want to thank everyone for their tremendous and sometime overwhelming support
Till next July

Frank, great find.  I started on the first post and am at 166 or so now.
Very interested and happy to see the success of folks who bought and grafted.
Wished I saw this earlier, I might have been motivated.
Looks like it is not too late though because according to your post, something happens in July.
What happens in July!!!!

Dont answer that, I read the rest of the posts and now I know everything ... including the meaning of life!!
It is all so clear now, so clear ....

But seriously, I will hang out here hoping to get in on the next scion sale.
Thanks to all who posted.

So I stumbled on a post today that has me all excited.
I have a couple of pond apples and lots of seeds but nothing to do with them.
Then I leaned there are edible fruit, great ones at that that can be grafted on to pond apple and the old grey cells started buzzing.

I will like to try to graft on to either seedling or mature pond apple and need scion or bud wood of anything that can be grafted on pond apple with some likelihood of success.

Obviously I will prefer free if possible but am willing to pay for this experiment, the excitement of considering the possibility of increasing fruit trees in my yard is worth something to me.

By the way, if you would be devastated to see a good scion not become a plant, hold on to it.  I am not expert at grafting but I am working at it.  Success with mango and avocado so far.  Would like to add something else to my list. :) :)

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