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Phalaris arundinacea big medicine clones


For sale are well established clones of Phalaris arundinacea var. Big Medicine Clones. This is the non seedling variety. Only propagates via rhizome divisions. Very easy to grow. Really nice looking grass. Plants in 4" pots for $5 each. Can ship internationally. PM for further details.

Are these safe medications?

This is the first time I've heard of a clone of this medicine. I'm not sure the American Medical Association approves it. Recently, I have been quite skeptical about alternative medicine medicines.
I noticed a lot of news that because of improper self-medication, people started their illnesses. I talked about it with my attending physician, and he said that he had met such cases himself.
Therefore, I decided to buy medical insurance for myself to always count on qualified help and not medications. I advise you to look for a package for yourself https://www.medisupps.com/medicare-supplement-plans/medicare-supplement-plan-g/medicare-supplement-plan-g-2022/.

Don't let the name "big medicine" fool you. It is a cultivar name not a statement of healing benefits. That said look up the general species and read about the uses and see why it is called that. Some do derive healing from this plant potentially in a spiritual manner but its not a traditional medicinal herb necessarily. Unless you're one whom believes in spiritual medicinal properties of other herbs in the entheogenic class of plants. It certainly wouldn't be approved by the AMA but who looks to them as valid issuers of medicinal properties of plants anyways?  I mean super effective herbs like Kratom wouldn't be "approved" either but that is certainly an effective herb nonetheless and really helps certain people. That said the plants for sale here are for collecting or novelty purposes only.  I'm not selling this as a medicinal herb to be used. However people will do as they wish once it's in their possession and ownership.

Not sure if the above posters are even valid members judging from the inherent weirdness of the posts. Kinda takes the whole thread in a wrongful direction of understanding.  This post has been up for a good while and then two total noobs comment on it in a weird fashion at one time. Kinda suspect...


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