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Kratom tree cuttings unrooted

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Kratom tree cuttings of the Bumblebee strain. Unrooted for $5 each plus shipping.

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Not sure these are gonna turn out yet but my biggest tree has flowers on it for the first time. Really cool yellow spiky ball like flowers. Hopefully they will develop into good seed pods. Seeds are fairly rare for kratom since tge viability is very short. I have seed grown them before though. Grew like a ton of M. hirsuta seedlings once. Wish I still had a tree of that. Know there is some out there planted in ground in this state though because of the multitude I sold. I would buy or trade others for various strains of kratom or its close relatives hirsuta and javainica. Some friends down south have some of my old trees planted in ground. Know one had died but theres still 3-4 different types down there I didnt move up here with. Will take cuttings if I make it down there.  Had a Thai red, red Indonesian,  pink Indonesian,  and a green Malaysian.  Not sure which had died though. Probably the green Malaysian if I had to guess but my buddy can't telk them apart so not sure. That strain was more finicky than the others and was fairly macroscopically different than the others.  Most strains look mostly identical other than vein color which isn't the greatest indicator either since it seems to change with environmental conditions.

Plenty of beautiful cuttings available again.  Lots of nice growth happening right now. Repotted my largest tree with the flowers on it. Seems the first seed pod fell off immature probably due to the repotting. However a few flowers to come with one about to open. Hopefully these might mature with all the new soil and nutrition. 


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