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Fresh kratom seeds

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First time ever getting flowers on my trees. Had them growing for 5+ years.  Tested some seeds in a little pot to make sure they were good. Appears a few are sprouting.  Pretty sure they are definitely little kratoms.  Grown some from seeds before and they look right. Very small starting out. Viability is very short. Only about 2-3 months. Must be planted immediately.  Seeds super small. Thinking 50 or so seeds for $5 plus shipping USPS first class package.  Trades always considered. Looking for Piper betel, fish mint, water celery, ashitaba(not longevity spinach), zone 8 hardy fruits/veggies etc, cold hardy avocado seeds,  or make offers.


Hi Derek, I can send you fish mint and ashitaba plants or cuttings. Maybe I'd have better success with kratom seeds than I did with cuttings. D

Do you know the strain? Do they cross pollinate? It's an interesting plant. I used to have rifat, bumblebee and malaysian years ago.

The seeds are from the bumblebee strain.  Has to be self pollination.  Have two large trees flowering but they are clones of each other. About to harvest a few more fresh seed heads in the coming days if the cold front doesn't ruin them.

A few fresh seed heads available.  Probably a few hundred seeds in one head since they are small seeds. Would consider trades for whole seed heads or seeds for seeds trades. Not easy to get these fresh like this. Viability is short but these were picked yesterday.  Must be planted asap since viability is only like 2 months.


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