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Maclura Pomifera (Osage Orange)

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I have read that this is used as a rootstok for Che, Cudrania tricuspidata.



i got a plant of this from my buddy Ed....i somehow remember reading that it could withstand a mucky planting site, (maybe from FL's best fruiting plants? by Charles Boning)

but now im reading that it doesn't appreciate such conditions....

well too bad because I already planted it in one of the most mucky locations in my yard....and there is no way I'm going to dig that thorny devil up...

I will be sure to let the group know how it handles the location...

if it does well, i will want to plant a bunch of Che grafted on this  stock!

I have seen them in low and seasonally flooded areas growing side by side with A. trilobas which love flooding. I have no idea how they will handle your area.

I see these growing well in all types of conditions

Well drained
Bone dry

A very tough adaptable plant. Makes a great rootstock for che.


From the sea:
the lumber is nice also


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