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First crop of Citrangequats

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Finally got a first crop of these and I'm stoked that it survived the past 2 winters and has set fruit. Yuzuquat is coming back strong as well. And my zombie Meyer lemon is speeding up from its resurrection.  ;D

What kind of Citranequat is it?   Thomasville? - Millet

Yes. This one is Thomasville. I know some people complain about the taste, but it's very limeish tasting. I mixed some with rosemary simple syrup and some water, and my wife and her aunt didn't throw up The wife said that it tasted a wee bit unripe though.

I also have an 10/3&4 Citrangequat. in a pot, growing large enouhg to transplant next spring

Congratulations! That's great. I wish mine would bloom.

Oops that's a pic from June. It's bigger now. I need to take another pic.


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