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First Crocston grapefruit not pink; why?



I got this grapefruit tree grafted on flying dragon from a reputable grower in SC who got his Crocston trees from the original grapefruit tree grown by his neighbor, Mr Crocston. He gave me a fruit off his tree back in March of 2013, and it was a light pink inside. I've seen Stan Mckenzie cut one of his Crocston fruits in November and it was light pink. I have a Rio Red grapefruit on flying dragon that gave me fruit last January but the inside was not red but barely a light peach color. My question is why? Do pink grapefruit need high summer heat to turn pink/red? I don't get a lot of summer heat in the mountains here. Or do my fruit need more time to fully ripen and turn from white to pink. I noted a slight pink blush on the albedo/ rind of this "Crocston ".

I don't know. If the pink of grapefruits is anything like the blood colour on blood oranges, they may need some peculiar climate, or maybe they are just unripe (maybe you haven't had enough warm weather for grapefruit in NC? I'm guessin here.). Do you have any other fruit in the tree to see if they improve during winter? The fruit however looks very nice.

I do have 4 or 5 more still on tree and wool wait until spring to cut another one. Challenge is keeping them from freezing. Have to use space heater.


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