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Must have citrus? (PLEASE MOVE)


Millet: Sorry I meant to post this in general discussion instead of cold-hardy. Please move. Thanks!

I am looking to add another citrus to my yard. Here is what I have currently:

- Bearss Lime and Lisbon Lemon grafted onto an unknown roostock (also have Bearss Lime and Lisbon Lemon in 10 gallon pots)
- Trovita Orange and Washington Navel Orange on C-35 rootstock (also have Washington Navel in 10 gallon pot)
- Improved Meyer Lemon on unknown rootstock

Basically I am looking to graft another variety onto my Improved Meyer Lemon. And I am soliciting suggestions

Constraint: It can't be too large of a tree. I am thinking of grapefruit in particular. I love grapefruit and if I had room for one, I would put one in my yard. However, for other varieties it is okay if it is an aggressive grower, I can keep it pruned to be in balance with the Meyer Lemon.

Should I go: tangelo, mandarin, something more exotic? Please let me know what citrus that you have in your yard that if it died you would *have* to replace.



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