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Best Citrus aurantium (bitter orange)


Probably this is the least interesting citrus... i mean, even papedas hybrids usually get more recognition than this one.
Aside from the use as rootstock, which this plant performs very well (but right now its use as rootstock is decreasing, because is very tristeza susceptible), and some uses as marmalade, i was wondering if there is any cultivar of this specie which is better than the others for fresh consumption.
Some time ago I had a fruit from a plant that was fairly good, and since the plant is nice, strong, cold tolerant, i was wondering if there are some suggested cultivar for fresh consumption. I understand that this may not be common; i have had some bitter oranges that were completely awful. But looks almost impossible that in the years no tasty clones have been discovered, especially because it is a very ancient specie, and we also got some nice edible clones for fresh consumption even from lemons!

I have Dolce del Gargano from Tintori.
Last season it had one fruit; not very sour, not much bitter, edible, but I am not much impressed.
Hope it will improve over the years.

Thank you for your answer.
Well, certainly the first year fruit isn't very representative of what a citrus can do, but i feel that you got disappointed.
I have read that the aurantium can show quite a variation between the fruits so i actually hoped for the existence of at least a decent clone... that, is, at least a fair taste without losing the good qualities of the bitter orange (good marmalade, nice cold hardiness).
I have heard that Paraguay bitter orange is decent, and bittersweet of Florida (which is available from Tintori too) should be so similar to Paraguay to the point of being indistinguishable.
I wonder ho much they must be different from Dolce del Gargano. Since everyone of these places was owned by Spaniards at some point in its story... i wonder if...
I guess it's time to pay a visit to Tintori.


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