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How about a satsuma in zone 7 on a south wall?

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I posted this question regarding an avocado in the Tropical fruit section.  Basically the answer was you never know until you try.  So if I'm going to try an avocado, I should be able to do a satsuma as well (maybe even better). 

The current plan is to plant them on the south wall of the green house.  I will put a clear pool cover over the green house in the winter which will extend over the outside trees at least for a few years to get them established. 

I'd like to get Xie Shan.  Anybody know a source for this or will I have to graft it?

Any thoughts? 

Reading your post I was not sure wether the Xie Shan tree would be on the inside or the outside of the greenhouse. Xie Shan satsuma is an excellent choice.  Grown outside in zone 7 you will still have to protect the tree on very cold nights during the winter.  You can find Xie Shan at Harris Citrus in Florida. They ship.

Thanks Millet.  To clarify, I would like to grow it outside and eventually without protection once it gets established.  I wondering if there is enough of a microclimate to make it.  We know that most of the heat of the GH is going out the glass.  So maybe there is just enough heat to get the avocado and the satsuma through the winter. 

I'll check out Harris.  Van

I doubt it during the colder winters.  I know someone who lost 10+ year old Satsumaa 2 winters ago further north of here (8b) in the border area of 8a/8b.  They take the cold well but once you get into the lower teens you will have issues.  You could do it with protecting on colder nights once it's established.

countryboy, the person who lost the 10+ satsumas must have been John,  and he grew his inside a tunnel type structure. - Millet


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