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Before too long I will be moving up to the Panama city area. I love citrus fruits and use stuff such as limes and lemons a lot but love them all. I was wondering if any of y'all would be kind enough to give me a good list of citrus that would grow there in outdoor conditions without much protection. Root stock and edible quality suggestions welcome.

Would trade for anything that's container tolerant at least a few years. All kinds of stuff to trade but I guess FL members I can only trade with. Lots of perennial tropical veggies, herbs, tropical fruits, rare sacred plants to trade. If your looking for anything just ask I may have!


Look up "Just Fruits and Exotics " in Crawfordville, FL. Waculla county. They have a good variety of citrus and bananas that are hardy in the panhandle.

Yes last time I went up there I passed right by their nursery! Unfortunately I didn't have the time to stop. Its only about 1.5 hrs from my property on highway 98. I'm totally gonna check them out once I get there!

Last time I looked on Just Fruits and Exotics site they had Ichang lemon which you should be able to grow there with no protection. I've made lemonade out of it and can attest to it's wonderfulness. One of these large lemons sitting on my kitchen counter spread lemony fragrance throughout my kitchen and living room. They used to have native crabapples too and I make good jelly out of them.

Cool definitely gonna stop in there someday. Hoping to move up that way within a few years.


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