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I planted this satsuma about 5 years ago when it was a new graft from Stan Mckenzie. It has done very well.

How is your Kimbrough fruit ? I lost the names of a few satsuma trees but I think I know which one is Kimbrough. It matures about like Owari but it is a larger fruit and rougher skin. The larger fruit doesn't have much flavor. Not bad just not much flavor. Zero acid I guess. Very juicy. Mine has been in ground several years and before that I grew it up a few years in different pots. Good number of fruit this year, most it has ever had but I'm disappointed in the flavor. How is yours ? Thanks. Tom

I think it's great, Tom. I've tasted sweeter, but to me the Kimbrough and my owari are store quality seedless easy to peal and have survived polar vortex in NC, so I'm thrilled.

Are the Kimbrough fruit larger than your Owari fruit ? Congratulations on your success with the polar
vortex ! Your mini green house looks great. I got a Juanita tangerine from Stan last year. They are supposed to be seedy but taste good to very good. If the flavor is good it might be just the thing for a polar vortex. They are coloring up with several fruit for a young tree. It grows very upright and I can't wait to try one. We are very dry down here but finally getting some cool weather. No rain is a big problem. Tom

Citradia a job well done.  Very nice tree. - Millet


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