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My first trifoliata crop! Question:

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Question: I just planted my Poncyrus trifoliata seeds in pots. Should they overwinter outsideto germinate in spring like they would naturally, or can I just keep them inside to germinate faster like any other citrus seeds? I've germinated citrumelo inside before, but it's half tropical. Didn't know if PT had cold requirement. This is my first PT seeds I've grown at home. I got Three Fruits this year. I tasted one before that I got somewhere else and it was nasty. I was surprised today that my PT smells and tastes like jasmine. Not really bitter and didn't make me pucker like a lemon would. 30 seeds in one golf ball size fruit though.


I have also heard people say they germinated them as fresh seed by applying botttm heat.  I'm sure Mr. Texas has germinated many FD seed.  Perhaps he will see this thread and chime in.


They really don't need much to germinate. The fruit that fall on the ground here all germinate in clumps in the spring. I'm constantly ripping them out & throwing them in the trash.

Laaz, i bought fd from you a few years ago and planted them asap and i still have extra plants that will be grafted this coming spring.The extra ones were neglected in previous winters in pots outside and they survive, could not believe it. They are outside now haven't brought them in yet. Bob.

Yeah, it's hard to get them to NOT germinate.  :)


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