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Poncirus fruit comparison

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Below is a comparison of three poncirus varieties:

From left to right: Poncirus B.Voss-45 gram,  SwampLemon-41 gram  , PoncirusTrifoliata+ -41gram

Poncirus from B.Voss is almost all seeds (45), SwampLemon contains 21 seeds and PT+ 25seeds

After seed extraction:

Very small quantity of juice in classical poncirus, very high quantity of soluble matters (20 Brix), very acid, bitter oil emulsion

Swamp Lemon: 4 ml of juice, 9 Brix, acid, some bitterness, oils are present and stick to dents

PT+:  6 ml of juice, 10 Brix, acid, less bitter than SL, oils are probably there because of astringent taste, but do not stick to dents

I diluted all three juices with water to 5 Brix and kept them overnight in  refrigerator:

Poncirus Voss: acid, some bitterness, sharp taste, but not much revolting to three people who tasted it, sticky oils with typical poncirus taste are in yellow sediment

SwampLemon: taste more diluted, essentially the same appreciation as above, probably less bitterness and acidity, sticky oils are in yellow sediment

PT+ :  taste almost like white grapefruit but less sweet, some lemony note, sediment consists mostly of pulp membrane residues, may be some oils, but drastically less than in two previous cases.

For me these results are still inconclusive, especially in case of SwampLemon versus usual poncirus.

Nice detailed post. Thanks for the comparison!

So Poncirus+ seems to be most promising if one tries to use PT-fruits for consumation. I think of extracting aromas for tonic-water for new recipies.

Thanks a lot Ilya for this comparison.

Thanks you Ilya!
very interesting that Swamp Lemon and Poncirus+ look much more alike from the outside compared to standard Poncirus.


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