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F2 citrange winter hardiness trial

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--- Quote from: kumin on February 22, 2023, 11:56:36 PM ---Only one of the seedlings has fruited at this point, although 2 additional trees have begun to flower for the first time. This particular fruit has acid flavors in addition to hints of Grapefruit taste. There are no grapefruit genetics involved, the faint bitterness likely came from the Poncirus parentage. The fruits are rather seedy, very thin rinded, subsequently will not keep for long periods.
Ripening is early as Poncirus. The tree is completely deciduous and has been acceptably hardy here in zone 6b.

Fruit with seeds removed.

The juice has an orange color.

Diluted to 30% juice/70%  water and sweetened it makes a desirable beverage.

--- End quote ---

I'd grow that! Are you planning to eventually sell cuttings or seeds of any of your survivors, or still just using them for further breeding? And are the seeds from that one polyembryonic/nucellar?

Considering only one selection has fruited at this point it's still very much in the evaluation process. Some selection goals would eventually be reduced seediness, larger fruit size and increased sugars.
Several of the survivors have been propagated and are currently being trialed. The cold hardiness appears to be adequate for zone 6b, but the fruit characteristics of the remaining selections need to be tested.
The 026 selection seedlings appear to be nucellar at this point, perhaps exclusively so.
There have been inquiries from 2 small nurseries to date, but little of the propagation material has been distributed to date.


 Meyer Lemon x Conestoga 026 seedling. This plant hasn't developed leaf petioles to this point. Perhaps they'll appear in later foliage.

Leaves are thick and serrate, maybe tetraploid?

Good point, I'll keep these under observation. It's unlikely that these will be super hardy, their likelihood of being edible as an acid fruit should be higher. As usual, that's probably going to be a roll of the dice .


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