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F2 citrange winter hardiness trial

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--- Quote from: kumin on September 26, 2023, 04:47:20 AM ---I would suspect the monofoliate survivors to have a greater likelihood of being palatable. The leaves of at least one of them has a more fragrant scent than most of the other selections.
On another note, the 5 Star Citrumelo seedlings show considerable variation in fruit size as well as productivity. I was impressed with the precocity of several of them.

--- End quote ---
5 Star Citrumelo fruits

Conestoga 067 survived 2F with high winds last December. Many of the leaves are monofoliate.

Conestoga 058 has mostly monofoliate leaves and is less hardy than 067.

Are they grafted? High graft on PT shall gain several centigrades.

Both are grafted, as is all my stock except for seedlings. However, these aren't high grafted.

Conestoga 011 is a Tetraploid selection that is just beginning to transition to the mature reproductive phase. Upon examination of the first flower it's noted that there's no pistil present. This isn't unusual for the first flowers.

011 produces the largest thorns of all my Citrus. This may relate to the Tetraploid state.

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