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Feijoa in NJ zone 7a

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Anyone have success in the northeast?

These are all rooted cuttings from 2 plants that were listed as being 7a hardy (taking it with a grain of salt). Unknown variety, sold by 9Greenbox.

No damage so far with 20f, 16f, 18f over night, daily temps have been above freezing.

Tuesday will be interesting. Looks to be the coldest day and night combo so far

Why not protect when young? Thatís an easy setup to put some row cover over it. I have Feijoa seedlings in ground 7b Georgia on south side of my house. No dieback in three years but mild winters 17 was lowest

Good to hear they survive in 7b. Our winters are increasingly mild each year, so those very low temps that would probably kill them are becoming rare.

I can cover them, but I am testing to see if they can survive without any intervention. The two potted plants that I took these cuttings from are a nice size and overwinter in my house so I don't mind losing these by the shed.


Nick C:
I have two in the ground but under poly tunnel. They seem pretty much unfazed by cold weather. I think we have a pretty good chance of survival in 7A without protection.

Nick C:
Also definitely agree on the mildness of our winters increasing. I think this week's cold spell will be the ultimate test for some serious zone pushing.


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