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Thomasville v. Morton?

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I have now harvested all my Morton fruits and made a lemonade out of it. The fruits were very juicy. I let the juice stand open for one night so that the weak resinous odor faded away. Then I deluded the juice with water (1 unit juice to two units water) and put suggar to it. The lemonade was very deliciuous without any off-flavors! It contained the best aromata of both poncirus and sweet orange. (Yes, poncirus has nice aromata besides the horrible ones.)

This is, by the way, not the best proof of the edibility of Morton. You can make a pretty good lemonade even out of (any?) pure poncirus when you let the juice stand open over night and throw away the bottom fraction of the juice wherein the resin is. The off-flavours of poncirus fade away under this treatment, usually completely, and what remains is a fine aroma. (Bitter fruits will have bitter juice but a pleasant kind of bitterness not remiscent of typical poncirus pine flavor.) The difference between pure poncirus and Morton is, however, that Morton juice has only weak off-flavours even when fresh and that you need not throw away a bottom fraction because Morton juice contains hardly any resin. And you have much more juice in Morton than in poncirus because Morton is almost seedless.

I shall add that I sense some confusion what regards the resin (poncirin) in poncirus fruits. It is often called "bitter". In my experience that is not true. All poncirus fruits contain resin but not all are bitter. Some taste horrible but still not bitter. I have now eaten my first Dunstan citrumelo fruit. It contained some resin but it had a good taste. It seems to me that the resin accumulates very unpleasant flavours among them bitter substances but that it is not bitter as such. You will never like it but I would not call it "bitter" as such in the more narrow sense of the word "bitter" (bitter pill, bitter gall, bitter wormwood etc.).

The fruit is really beautiful, have you tried letting the whole fruit sit on your counter for a "rest" perhaps the flavors become better? Read somewhere that some citrus lose acidity by doing this and become sweeter, doesn't work with lemons though.

My graft of Morton on tai-tri so far looks good after -15c polar vortex and two days below freezing. Hope it survives the rest of winter and puts out some growth in the spring.

No, the fruit were pretty good right from the tree. Storing some in the warm room did not make a real difference.


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