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I need some good suggestions for things to grow in zone 7

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My mother-inlaw lives in zone 7 and loves fruit too, but is scared to try to grow things because she thinks everything will die when winter comes.

Anyone have some cool suggestions? She already has a persimmon and fig tree, doesn't really like apples and peaches.

I'm thinking of getting asian pear to start, does anyone else have good suggestions? she's taiwanese if there's any spices, vegetables etc. that would still grow in zone 7
Thanks so much

Zanthoxylum will handle zone 7 -- any of the species that make sancho/sansho/szechuan pepper.
There are a few North American natives which are less culinary in use but are definitely fit for zone 7.

Raspberries, blackberries, and their family. Blueberries. Ground cherries are happy in zone 7. (Downright invasive...) Plums. Strawberries. You can grow some watermelon. Fennel grows really well. Lemongrass grows well in the summer, but won't take off until nights get hot.

Spicebush is an American native you could grow. Here in 9 I think it is too hot.

Persimmon will grow in that weather.

Guava if protected should be okay.

Mulberry is a classic in most zones.

Blackberry and rasberry both should do well there.

Actually I'm being sure could grow a lot in ground with a little extra work for protection. I'm experimenting with c9 Christmas lights this winter plus a tent over my plants. Hopefully this year I won't lose anything. Fingers crossed.

These are great yall, thank you

What about Chinese Jujube? She would likely have been familiar with the Thai kind. Most people consider the Chinese type better.


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