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I recently visited the arboretum in Seattle and ended up finding out they have both standard Trifoliate Orange, and the Flying Dragon variety(not pictured). I took a fruit from one of the trees, and cut it open, hoping for seeds, but found none. I instead took a couple of cuttings and hope to root them at home. Mainly just making this post to record a citrus tree out in public, similar to the post regarding the citrus down in Portland at the Hoyt arboretum. Any rooting tips for the cuttings is welcome, currently just have them sitting in a cup of water.

Is poncirus rare or difficult to grow there?

As a percentage of citrus the amount of poncirus is high but that's usually because the graft dies, the rootstock takes over and people don't realize or would rather have something rather than nothing. But citrus in general is very rare here and there is none in the wild


--- Quote from: Citradia on November 28, 2022, 09:53:58 PM ---Is poncirus rare or difficult to grow there?

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Poncirus is not necessarily difficult to grow, but it's quite far from commonplace/easy to find around here, with the next nearest tree belonging to fellow hobbyists, or the aforementioned trees further south in the Portland area.

If you have other Citrus you could graft/bud the Poncirus onto that, or grow some Poncirus seedlings as rootstocks.


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