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That is a very interesting chart! What is a bigaridia? Is that another name for a sour orange?

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Citrus taxonomy and genetics are confusing and frequently get reshuffled (poncirus moves in and out of citrus roughly every 50 years, and the oceanian citrus and fortunella get this treatment, too). The Seville orange was once thought to be its own species (citrus bigaradia). It has since been moved into citrus x aurantium -- the sour (or bitter*) orange.

Bigarade is a French name, but it finds its way into English occasionally. Amusingly, in Hindi it means "spoiled."

* -- poncirus is also known as the bitter orange. One reason I prefer using sour/hardy as the phrasing instead.


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Ah! I see. Its quite possible that it is used in English but that I am not fmiliar with it. I think I've got it clear in my mind now, Myer Lemon is likely a hybrid between a citron and some variety of sour orange (not sweet orange and lemon as had been thought for many years). Thank you, I always enjoy learning something new!

Also, I found an old chart in a book I have. It shows that Meyer Lemon is between mandarin and kumquat in hardiness. So, it is indeed one of the hardiest citrus. I stand corrected. Sounds like the OP might have success with it in his zone after all.

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That would make some sense. The zest of a Meyer does remind me strongly of the zest of a citron.

Citrons have some interesting genetics. Medica has a ton of diversity.


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