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Trying to overwinter a ponderosa lemon started from seed

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Unicyclemike: I started a citrus tree ( Ponderosa lemon)  from seed about 6 years ago. I left it in a pot all those years. So I decided to stick it outside in the ground out of the pot and see if I could overwinter it in zone 6b/7a...Red Lion Pennsylvania. I am only using about 150 Watts of electric lights and a 100 watt bulb...I am also using wood chips, styrofoam and 6 mil plastic. We have had several nights at or below 25 degrees F. And guess what it is flowering.....incredible....

Mike Adams

My ponderosa flowers in the fall too once I bring it inside lol. Amazing that you grew it from seed way to go!

Hope your protection is enough, it's very frost tender from the citron in it. A better variety to protect outside in zone 7, if you want a lemon like fruit, would probably be ichang lemon.

Thank you for your comment.  I did it as a test to see if I could indeed overwinter a citrus "on the cheap" without buying a greenhouse and using 1500 watts of heat 24/7.  If it works the "how I did it" I will share with the group.  So far so good.  I was just stunned to see the flower buds.  This is hopefully preparing me for next spring when I plant a Owari Satsuma and a Zgwingli Citrumelo which I purchase from the one and only Stan Mckenzie....I want to keep my wattage under 200W per hour.....

My suggestion is to control the heat source by thermostat.overheating is as detrimental as freezing.

Good point.  I will keep that in mind.  Thank you.


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