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Fuyu persimmon on own roots?


I know that it's extremely difficult and impractical to root Asian persimmon varieties. However, in theory it has been done.

Does anyone know

1: if fuyu persimmons in particular originate from a seedling (as opposed to a spontaneous mutation on the new growth of an existing tree).

2: how fuyu persimmons perform on their own roots (heat tolerance, cold tolerance, soil tolerance, growth rate, fruit production, maximum size, etc)

Not planning to attempt this, just curious.

Greg, this is not fuyu specifically, but non-astringent persimmons are grown on threir own roots in the highlands of Vietnam. I believe the trees are grown from root currings. I see no reason why it wouldn't work for Fuyu.

I think the difficulty is with dormant cuttings.
It is however possible to root leafy green cuttings under mist for rootstocks, if seed is difficult to source, or for specific rootstock clones.
If you search around you should find other techniques.

I have grown seed from Fuyu as rootstocks and they seemed to be as good as other varieties for rootstocks. ( possibly they were  pollinated by other vars to set seed ?? )

Thank you both! Great info.


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