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More temperate, less tropical for zone8

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These bad cold fronts that seem to be coming more regularly now have me thinking I need to plant fruit and nut trees that actually are for my zone, or a bit colder. My wife and I spent the better part of 2 days protecting our sub and tropicals before each of those events. If we hadn't had sufficient notice we would have lost most of them. Our land is technically zone 9a, but we got down to 10F 2 years ago and just had 12F last week. Of course we are on a ridge, so the wind tends to howl as well. Our humidity is about like central Florida and our Summer sun is brutal.
 I already have the usual plums, peaches, poms, jujubes, persimmons etc. I'm wondering about less common trees/plants that can take some cold. Some stone fruit crosses maybe? I think we get too hot for hazelnuts? What have y'all had success with under similar conditions? Thanks! D

Muscadines, Chickisaw plum, and Mayhaw?

Che, Dunstan American Chestnut hybrid, Pecans, old fashoned hard pears like Pineapple, and maybe figs?

Just Fruit and Exotics in Crawfordville, FL has a really neat website that you might check out. They are in about the same zone as you.

Thanks for the input. I planted 12 chikasaw plums about 5years ago and I think 2 survived so far. Our mayhaws are finally producing and although mustang grapes are invasive, muscadines struggle. We have several figs. They set good breba crops, but later crops cook in the Summer sun. I've tried chinese chestnuts, but they don't like our Summer. I have lots of osage orange, should graft a che onto one. Regards, D


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