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Strawberry tower


This turned out very nice, i would like to do several of theese, but dont really have space so may do 1 more at most. The idea is to have more space to plant the strawberries, they wont shade themselves as much when grown vertically. I would imagine that the fruit would also be alot easier to pick, there is enough space for it to hang down. I will paint the green plastic with brown paint, as its kinda my main colour of the structures in the garden..I cant wait to plant them and hopefully to have a nice crop this year.
Its 120 cm high, i am thinking how cool this would be if it was like 3- 4 m high lol

Looks great!


--- Quote from: Jaboticaba45 on January 26, 2023, 02:35:02 PM ---Looks great!

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Thanks! I'll keep it updated trought summer!


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