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Good day,

Purple leaf flowering plums (Prunus cerasifera) are normally grown as ornamental trees. However I have seen trees loaded with hundreds of little purple cherry-sized plums while others seem not to produce fruit at all. Would anyone know which variety of purple leaf plums will produce fruit more consistently or have knowledge for marking the tree produce more fruit. My family has been eating these plum for years but when we moved we left our tree behind. I know of some varieties such as Krauter Vesuvius, Mt Saint Helens, Newport, and Thundercloud which are listed as “little to no fruit” production but I cannot tell the difference between them because they all look identical. What is the difference in tree variety of purple leaf plums?

Thank you friends!

Fruitwood nursery sells several selections of cherry plums.  Currently the red leaf variety is out of stock, but you can put yourself on their notification list for seedlings or scions.


Pink and yellow cherry plums are in stock.


Raintree has San Luis Obispo Purpleleaf Plum.

If you already have access to trees that produce fruit, you might consider collecting a crop of plums and growing from seed.

Even on the same trees fruit production varies drastically. Back when I lived in WA, some summers I found many trees absolutely loaded with cherry plum fruits painting the sidewalks purple, and other years they were barren besides a few for the birds. Most of them were Thundercloud, but other varieties seemed to fare about the same year to year.


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