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Vitis californica and Vitis girdiana


I was wondering how taste these two grapes : Vitis californica and Vitis girdiana ?
I know that most wild grapes are known to be sour, seedy,..    but maybe these species have some undertones of ..   ?   Don't hesitate to share your opinion on this : If you cultivate them ? Use them as rootstock ? Collect them in wild to make jam, juice,..   ?

I have a tiny bit of experience with this subject.
I'd found some wild grape vines in a creek a few mile from my house a couple summers ago with ripe fruit on it.  My boy and I ate a few clusters and the fruit was nice, sweet and tasty. 

Last winter I went back and cut the canes from the vine to plant and use as a sun shade over a set of east facing windows on my house.  I got my idea from Greg Alder's Yardposts blog >>  https://gregalder.com/yardposts/grapevine-on-eave-to-shade-house/

I just poked the canes in the ground last winter and by summer one of them had grown 12 feet up to my eve.  I expect it to be a leafy green sun screen this summer.  I have no idea if it will fruit
 this year or ever.  It's in a much different growing environment than where I gathered it from under shady live oaks at a stream's edge.

I do not know is whether it's a Vitis californica or Vitis girdiana.  The ranges of both are in my local geography.  However, I have a feeling it's Vitis girdiana.

If I get any fruit from it I'll report the qualities of it here.


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